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Transcription of the video

It’s no secret that our world is undergoing rapid change. Big data, artificial intelligence and e-mobility are today’s biggest buzzwords. Markets are constantly shifting and globalisation is shaping the future across the world – in Asia, America, and Europe. If you want to profit from future trends, the early bird gets the worm! This is a typical day for the management of the MainFirst Global Equities Fund.

Which industries will undergo disruptive change? Which companies have the strongest growth potential and the highest market capitalisation looking forward to 2025?

Within the core portfolio, the self-invested fund management places its trust in long-term investment themes undergoing structural growth. The fund invests in shares and other equity securities across the globe, and the investment focus may be on small, medium or large caps. A targeted bottom-up analysis identifies the fastest-growing shares, and the core of the portfolio consists of around fifty promising securities with a five-year investment horizon. The investment objective is to consistently outperform the MSCI World Net Total Return EUR index, while ensuring low transaction costs and minimising price volatility.

Short-term tactical risk management is the shell that protects the core portfolio, and can mitigate price fluctuations and reduce the maximum loss over a given period. In the next five to ten years, the dominant themes will be technological advances, a growing generation of affluent digital consumers, and rapid climate change. These will be catalysts for change across all sectors. Artificial intelligence is one of these fundamental long-term trends, with above-average growth potential by 2025. The fund makes targeted investments in leading companies in this industry.

Through the MainFirst Global Equities Fund, Frank Schwarz’s team has achieved a positive absolute return and outperformed the benchmark index in each of the last five years, with investors reaping the rewards. The fund has received numerous awards and currently holds a Morningstar rating.

The MainFirst Global Equities Fund is suitable for investors who are looking to invest in long-term, theme-based global shares, with tactical hedging and a highly experienced fund management team. Find out more at mainfirst.com