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17.05.2019 / 34:46

Emerging Markets bieten viel Wachstumspotenzial und sind derzeit eine der meistgekauften Assetklassen. Fondsmanager Thomas Rutz erläutert in diesem Portfoliomanager Briefing attraktive Investmentmöglichkeiten in Schwellenländern.

12/04/2019 / 40:33

Björn Esser, portfolio manager in our Multi Strategy Solutions team, explained in the webinar how you can benefit from irrational exaggerations in the financial markets.

13/03/2019 / 33:44

Adrian Daniel, the lead portfolio manager responsible for the MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset, gives an insight into the world of 2025. Can we only assume structural growth or even cultural change?

12/02/2019 / 30:02

Olgerd Eichler, portfolio manager of MainFirst Top European Ideas and MainFirst Germany Fund, gives a review of the past year and an outlook for 2019. The market turmoil at the end of 2018 has put stock markets under considerable pressure or - positively speaking - created opportunities for 2019?

Investing successfully in value-oriented equities from the Eurozone - 5 questions to Thomas Meier 
11/15/2018 / 5:25

Find out which four strategies Thomas Meier, Head of Equity Fund Management, combines in the MainFirst - Euro Value Stars in order to successfully use value investing to achieve attractive returns for you as an investor, also in 2019.

MainFirst Global Equities und - A day with the fund management 
10/22/2018 / 3:23


Sustainable Dividends with Attractive Performance
07/17/2018 / 4:38

“We have not only reached our targets, but exceeded them.” This is the positive interim conclusion drawn by Thomas Meier.

Structural trends are more important than economic cycles - five questions to Adrian Daniel  
08/11/2018 / 4:10

Adrian Daniel explains in the video why he invests globally and puts emphasis on structural trends.

How to invest successfully in German SMEs – Five Questions to Olgerd Eichler 01/16/2018 / 5:14

Generating a performance of 188 percent over five years. Olgerd Eichler explains his investment strategy.

Generating market-independent returns for investors – Five Questions for Björn Esser 12/20/2017 / 4:37

Benefiting from positive and negative capital markets using a conservative investment profile? In the video, Björn Esser, one of the fund managers of the MainFirst Diversified Alpha, talks about how the team uses 4 uncorrelated strategies to maximize returns for investors.

How to successfully invest in Emerging Markets using a relative value approach 12/19/2017 / 2:50

In the Citywire video, Thomas Rutz explains the investment philosophy and investment process the team uses to, for example, achieve a performance of YTD 17% (MainFirst EM Corporate Bond Fund Balanced (C), as at 30.11.2017). Of central importance are a precise analysis and in-depth knowledge of the countries and sectors in order to invest successfully independently of the benchmark.

Benefit from Growth in the Emerging Markets - Five questions to Thomas Rutz
10/16/2017 / 4:10

Bond yields of above 5 per cent annually? In the video interview Thomas Rutz, fund manager of the MainFirst Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund Balanced, explains how their relative value approach enables the generation of attractive returns for investors.

Attractive returns through Multi Asset - Five questions to Adrian Daniel
10/04/2017 / 5:11

In the video, Adrian Daniel, Fund Manager of the MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset, explains how to achieve attractive returns despite low interest rates with manageable risk. The track record of the fund, which has reached an annualized return of 5.90% since its launch, proves him right (As of 09/29/2017, class C, ISIN: LU0864714935).

10 Years MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund - Investing with Conviction
06/13/2017 / 4:00

Continuous performance without major setbacks - this is the goal of every investment fund. Olgerd Eichler, the portfolio manager of the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund, looks back on a 10-year track record on July 13, 2017 and was able to outperform the European equity market by 70% during this period. Watch the video to find out what his success strategy is.

The current situation on the international capital markets
04/21/2017 / 3:00

Thomas Meier, Head of Equity Fund Management, explains the market situation and provides an indication of attractive investment opportunities. Learn in the video how you as an investor can profit from the synchronous global economic recovery and positive stock assessments.

Webinar: "Inflation never again?!" 
09/06/2016 / 51:15

Inflation rates in the established European economies have been low for some time. Central banks are therefore trying to increase the rates through the use of monetary policy measures.
Adrian Daniel of MainFirst and Guido Barthels of Ethenea discuss the implications these measures are having and what corrective actions are possible.

Dividends as a Structural Trend – An Interview with Thomas Meier by Das Investment 
06/01/2016 / 4:12

Thomas Meier, Head of Equity Fund Management at MainFirst, talked to Das Investment about dividends as a structural trend. During the current phase of low interest rates, dividends should form an integral part of diversified portfolios because of the increase in dividends and the strong balance sheets of companies. (The video is only available in German)