Press Review

09/06/19 Were returns are on the street - Fund Manager Thomas Rutz in DASINVESTMENT
Anyone who is familiar with developing countries, so-called frontier markets, can currently enjoy investing. Fund manager Thomas Rutz of Mainfirst Asset Management explains how he finds excellent investment opportunities and what investors should be aware of in exotic investment markets.
07/05/19 How to take advantage of opportunities in frontier markets: Thomas Rutz explains the process in the Börsen-Zeitung
In the interview, the fund manager explains not only that the low correlation to other markets makes frontier markets particularly interesting in the current political climate, but also which investment criteria are important.
06/18/19 Thomas Rutz in the HandelsZeitung explains how to invest successfully in frontier markets
Strong fundamentals suggest that frontier and emerging markets will continue to grow faster than developed markets.To read how to achieve attractive returns, click here (German only):
05/22/19 Why this fund manager beats the market: Olgerd Eichler in "Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag"
Beating the market with equity funds? Read here how Olgerd Eichler tackles this task with the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund:  
11/19/18 Interview with Thomas Rutz: Move early to achieve higher returns for investors
In his interview with Citywire, Thomas Rutz explains, why he likes to buy in early: “You can get a huge valuation gap and you can pick up really cheap stories.” Find out more about the strategy he and his colleagues use to generate an attractive performance in the MainFirst Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund Balanced. 
11/15/18 Interview with Adrian Daniel on the Advantages of Investing in Structural Trends
In an interview with Citywire, Adrian Daniel explains why structural growth trends are good investment themes: Long-term trends are gaining ground and bring sustainable returns while short-term market volatility recedes into the background.
06/26/18 Small Caps can Generate High-Quality Dividends - the MainFirst Global Dividend Stars Provides Higher Yields than Comparable Products
This is the conclusion Euro fondsxpress reaches in its interview with Thomas Meier, Head of  Equity Fund Management, where they talk about the strategy of the MainFirst Global Dividend Stars. Meier capitalises on selected small caps with sustainable dividend yields.
05/30/18 Economic cycles or structural trends - Adrian Daniel explains their significance in Boersen-Zeitung
Many investors see economic cycles as important indicators for the equity ratio in their portfolio. However, with this approach investors risk being constantly late and missing the trend. Usually, economic growth has long been priced in, explains Adrian Daniel. Other factors are more indicative…
04/09/18 The most valuable companies now vs. 2025 - Frank Schwarz talks to Focus Money
Currently, Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft top the list of the largest companies. In 2025, according to Frank Schwarz, it will be two Chinese companies: Alibaba and Tencent. The fund manager of the MainFirst Global Equities Fund explains why this will be the case in Focus Money.
12/07/17 SJB FondsEcho: MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset
"If you want to bypass the volatility of the financial markets while at the same time participating in attractive returns, you are well catered for with this flexible multi-asset fund!"
11/30/17 No getting past the emerging markets
Cornel Bruhin, Portfolio Manager at MainFirst, explains why emerging markets are currently strong and stable. As a result they offer attractive investment opportunities.
11/07/17 The right touch for German equities - the MainFirst Germany Fund
According to FondsXpress, Olgerd Eichler delivers top performance with the MainFirst Germany Fund. Read an analysis of the successful fund strategy in the article.
11/06/17 Börse Online states that the MainFirst Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund Balanced impresses with high returns
Emerging market bonds possess an attractive yield potential and the MainFirst fund has outperformed comparable emerging market ETFs. The reasons lie in the experienced fund management team, who actively invest and early in a cycle into promising, undervalued bonds. 
10/09/17 Investment strategy with a focus on structural trends until 2025 and strongly growing companies
Frank Schwarz, fund manager of the MainFirst Global Equities Fund, explains the key points behind his investment strategy: important are fast as well as long-term growth of companies.
09/11/17 The magazine “Der Fonds Analyst” praises the quality of performance at MainFirst
The article critically discusses the multi-boutique MainFirst and the investment strategy of the MainFirst Global Dividend Stars and concludes that both are "remarkably good".
07/31/17 Eichler’s recipe for outperformance
Through investing in selected stocks on the basis of rigorous analysis, the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund, headed by Olgerd Eichler, achieved a clear outperformance over the last 10 years.
07/24/17 For 10 years on average 5 percent better than the index - Olgerd Eichler talks about the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund during to Börsenwoche
Eichler expects a continued friendly economic development with a lot of stock market potential and attractive opportunities for investors.
07/08/17 European Equities Have Performance Potential according to Olgerd Eichler
The experienced fund manager expects that European equities will present attractive opportunities for investors, especially in comparison to the USA and Asia, in the coming years. 
06/06/17 The 5% strategy – Fund overview of MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset
With the MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset, Fund manager Adrian Daniel has considerable scope to invest in equities, bonds, currencies and commodities worldwide. To date, his active use of this range has seen great success.
03/01/17 MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund recommended as a basic investment
Fuchsbriefe declares the investment strategy of the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund to be a promising investment into undervalued European companies that have a high potential for growth.
02/14/17 Positive outlook for European equity markets according to Olgerd Eichler
The framework for growth on the stock markets is in place and this will not change despite the challenges that 2017 may bring, according to Eichler in an interview with Euro am Sonntag.
02/02/17 Top Fund Manager Olgerd Eichler claims: Cyclicals are Making a Comeback
In a guest contribution at the Börsen-Zeitung, Olgerd Eichler gives an assessment of the coming economic developments. After non-cyclical stocks were able to record strong price gains in recent years, it seems likely that, given the interest rate reversal and the higher inflation rates, cyclical stocks will continue the growth trend which they started in the second half of 2016.
02/01/17 Investing successfully in a low-interest environment: How to avoid yield problems
Thomas Meier, Head of Equity Fund Management, explains in the magazine Focus what the challenges of the low-interest environment are, especially now that inflation is rising again. He points out alternative investment possibilities that can lead to attractive returns.