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06/12/19 Mexico: Interesting investment opportunities in the energy and finance sector
Zurich, 12 June 2019 - A new president, low growth in the first quarter of 2019 and the tensions with the US around immigration and trade: Mexico faces a number of challenges. Not least in view of the tense situation with the US, many investors are currently rather cautious towards the Latin American country. Cornel Bruhin, fund manager for the MainFirst Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund Balanced, continues to find interesting investment opportunities in Mexico - particularly in the energy and financial sectors: "Oil and gas, electricity and finance have little exposure to the US economy. Tourism and exports can even benefit from a weaker Mexican peso as most goods and services are paid in US dollars but their operating costs are in pesos," Bruhin points out. With a precise knowledge of the companies, there may even be opportunities to expand positions.
In addition, the US and Mexican governments have reached to an agreement based on months of secret negotiations. Even if Trump threatens to impose tariffs again, they are unlikely to be imposed. Because they would affect US consumers considerably and the American automotive industry would suffer particularly as a result.  Moreover, Mexico is the third biggest trading partner of the USA and the tariffs would jeopardise the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
03/20/19 "Everything as a service" – where will the trend lead?
Frankfurt am Main, 20 March 2019 Rumour has it that Apple will announce a competitor platform to Netflix and Prime Video at its keynote on 25 March. Following the success of Apple Music, this would not only be a logical step for the group, but also an indication of a structural trend: "Everything as a service". What is meant here is the change away from the sale of simple products towards services. Frank Schwarz, fund manager of the MainFirst Global Equities Fund, is convinced that the business model "as a service" (aaS) could in future dominate across industries - and that investors can take advantage of this development.
01/09/19 MAINFIRST and ETHENEA combine their distribution support in new company
Frankfurt am Main, 9 January 2019 MAINFIRST Asset Management and ETHENEA Independent Investors S.A. are combining their distribution support in a newly formed company, FENTHUM S.A. Based in Luxembourg, FENTHUM is taking over the distribution support activities for both fund asset managers with immediate effect.
MAINFIRST will continue to manage the accounts of institutional investors and individual mandates for Germany and Austria directly. In this way, specific institutional requirements can be implemented easily and efficiently. Moreover, the close cooperation with the fund management and the dedicated account managers will continue to be available. 

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04/09/19 Attractive yields with bonds from Ecuador, Surinam and Papua New Guinea – how can one achieve that?
All three countries belong to the so-called frontier markets, i.e. they are on the verge of becoming emerging markets. The term usually goes hand in hand with robust growth potential, a strong drive for reform and low valuations. This offers interesting investment opportunities for expert investors and active managers. As contrarian investors and early movers, we in the Emerging Markets Team at MainFirst not only observe emerging markets such as Brazil, China and India, but also frontier markets such as Surinam, Papua New Guinea and Ecuador – and their growth potential.
03/11/19 What does China's course mean for European investors?
China was the most developed country in the world for over 4000 years. Only in the last 400 years was this not the case. But over the last 40 years, China has been catching up again and has already overtaken the western world in many areas. The question many investors ask themselves, is how they can profit from this development. In other words, how can investors judge which changes currently offer the greatest growth potential and how can they use them to generate returns. To answer this, the team around Frank Schwarz at MainFirst has analysed general structural trends, specific Chinese developments and the country’s strategic orientation in order to be able to make the best investment decisions. Some interesting trends they found come from the area of power production and consumption. 
02/14/19 The low-interest environment returns problem – do dividend stocks offer a way out?
In a sustained low interest rate environment, dividend stocks are an essential component in maintaining real purchasing power and achieving positive returns after inflation. Dividend stocks enable investors to participate in a broad equity market and to receive continuous distributions. The low interest rate environment coupled with inflation results in a toxic mix for German investors
Real returns, i.e. the interest income after deduction of the inflation rate, of investors in Europe will in future be just around zero percent. These are the results of a recent study by the independent financial services provider MainFirst. Thomas Meier, Head of Equity Fund Management at MainFirst, describes this trend as worrying. To give one example, calculations by the Bundesbank show that the asset allocation of private households in Germany over the past ten years has enabled an average adjusted increase in value of 1.4 percent per year. Over the past 20 years, the increase in value even reached 2.6 percent per year. However, such returns can no longer be achieved today with an average German portfolio due to the ongoing low-interest rate phase. A new weighting must therefore be given to asset allocation – if money is not to dwindle away. 

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