What do hidden champions have in common with the MainFirst Germany Fund?

Substance, excellence and active management. The success strategy for above-average performance.

The MainFirst Germany Fund predominantly holds shares in medium-sized German companies. These hidden champions are frequently characterised by above-average growth prospects, which result in more dynamic profit performance compared to the large companies on the German Stock Index (DAX).

The success strategy behind these hidden champions is reflected in the equity fund, which has been managed by Olgerd Eichler and his team since 2013. In this period the fund has won a number of awards for its performance. Important criteria for the inclusion of companies into the MainFirst Germany Fund are:

Substance: Hidden Champions are medium-sized companies with high-quality products or services. Their products undergo continuous development and are specially adapted to individual customer requirements. Here, an important aspect of the success strategy is a strong focus on R&D towards strategic evolution and the optimisation of products, including forward-looking long-term planning and a flexible response to new developments. Thereby, medium-sized companies do not only drive developments forward but also respond proactively to customer needs, and continuously improve and expand their service offering.

Excellence: To meet the high standards of 'Made in Germany', many German companies have focused on niche markets that require highly specialised components and often additional product-related services. The innovative medium-sized companies can provide these with reliable quality and with high service standards. This offer is complemented by the provision of end-to-end solutions and other product-related services. Both are aimed at a high level of satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. Often, it is these qualities that make so-called hidden champions or medium-sized multinationals the market leaders in their niches. Examples are Fuchs Petrolub and Dürr.

Active management: Medium-sized companies are often owner-managed, with an orientation towards forward planning and long-term earnings growth. Added to this are lower debt, high profitability and above-average profit growth, which in turn result in sustained value enhancement. The three fund managers Olgerd Eichler, Evy Bellet and Alexander Dominicus maintain regular contact with the management of the companies and in this way remain continuously informed of new developments. At the same time, the fund is actively managed by Olgerd Eichler and his team: Investments are carried out on the basis of bottom-up analyses and are benchmark-free.

Above-average performance: German medium-sized companies frequently perform better than stocks listed on the DAX. Their high growth potential also makes them particularly interesting for investors. Before shares are included in the MainFirst Germany Fund, Olgerd Eichler and his team carry out a detailed analysis and evaluation of every company, with the aim of accurately identifying promising stocks and investing with high returns in the long-term. Deep knowledge of the companies, the respective sectors and the market situation has enabled the equity fund MainFirst Germany Fund to be immensely successful for many years and to achieve high returns for investors.