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Bethanien Kinderdorf in Eltville

MAINFIRST supports projects such as the Bethanien Kinderdorf Eltville in the Rheingau region to give children and young people the opportunity to grow up in a happy environment.

The Bethanien Kinderdorf Eltville is located in the middle of a wine-growing area between Eltville-Erbach and Kiedrich. Founded in 1965, the Children's Village offers a new home and the opportunity for a better future to around 90 children and young people who, for various reasons, cannot grow up with their own families. The village mothers and educators live together with the children and teenagers entrusted to them in village families and residential groups.

In 2020, the Children's Village will open a specialised group for children who need a particularly intensive form of care due to their difficult experiences. This group will accept children who are not cared for by the regular inpatient child and youth welfare network. Animal-assisted education, clear daily routines, and a comprehensive range of sports are designed to help the children become more resilient. The intensive group Taubenmühle of the Bethanien Children's Village in Eltville was visited by a camera team of the SWR in June 2020. The following report gives an insight into the care concept: External link to the media library of the SWR (German only).

MAINFIRST supports the acquisition of children's rooms to create a family home that is well equipped for the long term.

Bethanien Kinderdorf